Wonder Fish

Wonder Fish

Inviting all to fish pedicure spa at Wondervalley Amusement Park anachal, Munnar for an exciting feeling with Wonder Fish

Wonder Fish, the fish pedicure spa at Anachal attracts thousands of visitors within a short period.

The people who rush to the spa to get pedicures, so those tootsies look pretty ,fresh and healthy. But pedicures don’t just involve getting your toenails painted. They also involve removing dead skin and calluses from the bottom of the foot. This skin can be removed through various methods — via buffing with a pumice stone or through scraping with a metal foot file or razor. Many salons no longer use the metal scraper due to liability issues, but sometimes the pumice stone just isn’t enough.Wonder Fish

This is where the fish come in. Yep, we said fish. The fish, called garra rufa fish, or sometimes “doctor fish,” actually nibble the dead skin from your feet.Garra rufa are sometimes referred to as “doctor fish” because they eat away dead skin found on peoples’ feet, leaving newer skin exposed.

Garra rufa are native to the Middle East, where they have been used as a medical treatment for individuals with skin diseases, like psoriasis . A number of study  illustrated the effectiveness of fish pedicures in the treatment of psoriasis; however, this treatment was performed in a controlled setting at a medical university in Austria, not at a nail salon.

CDC is not aware of any published reports on illnesses resulting from fish pedicures. Nail salon foot baths, however, have caused outbreaks of nontuberculous mycobacterial infections that left infected pedicure customers with boils and scars .Wonder Fish


  • Natural exfoliation of dead skin – Smoother and healthy growing skin with easy moisturizer absorption.
  • Promote blood circulation – Micro massage sensation from these “little masseurs”.
  • Lightening of minor scars.
  • Release stress and tension – Ticklish sensation causing perpectual laughter.

For your safetyim7

  • Changing water daily.
  • U/V sterilized to eliminate viruses and bacteria.
  • Bio-filtered to remove particles of leftover fishfood etc.
  • PH level : Auto control
  • Temperature : Apprx. 30 degree C

Our address

Wonder Fish, Fish Pedicure,

Wondervalley Amusement Park,

Anachal, Munnar – 685 565

Ph. +91 Wonder Fish9447826580, +91 8592984944

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