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Welcome to Kallar Spices for a perfect shopping experience.

An exclusive showroom for spices has been opened at Kallar by the side of National Highway.  All major spices are available in Kallar Spices at reasonable price.  We have ensured the quality of items and customer satisfaction is our motto.

Kallar Spices have arranged the facility of sending spices to anywhere in the country on demand.  We are also arranging trekking, Jeep safari etc.  Our outlest is near Kallar waterfall.

Our Spices&Herbals:


The pepper plant grows best in a warm and humid climate.Berries mature and ready for harvest in about 180 and 200days

Cardamom Plant

a cardamom plant normally stars bearing capsules from the third year of planting. The harvested capsules are rubbed on wire mesh and polished before they are graded.


The nutmeg tree bears fruit throughout the year, but peak harvest season is from December to May.nutmeg


Ginger is a herb that is native to southeast Asia  and has been used as a food additive for more than 4,000 Years, and for medicinal purposes for  more than 2,500 years.


It is commonly used in curries and other South Asia  cusine. Its active ingredient is curcumin. It is a significant ingredient in most commercial curry powders.


It is principally employed in cookery as a condiment and flavouring material.It is used in the preparation of chocolate.


Clove tree begin to bear flowers 7-8 years after planting . unopened flower buds are carefully picked when they turn from green to pink.

Coffee Plant

The main varieties of coffe cultivated today are Robusta and Arabica. The elliptical leaves of the coffe tree are shny, dark, green , and waxy.coffe-plant1


The name “allspice” was coined as early as 1621by the English  , who thought is combined the flavour of cinnamon , nutmeg, and cloves.


Cocoa tree, is a small tall evergreen tree in the family Malvaceae, native to the deep tropical regions of Central and South America. Its seeds , cocoa beans, are used to make cocoa mass, cocoa powder, and chocolate.cocoa


A Tropical orchid, this requires a warm climate with frequent rains. Vanilla grows best in uncleared jungle ares where it can get filtered sunlight.


The name “tulsi” means “the incomparable one”. Tulisi is a venerated plant and devotees worship it in the morning and evening.

curry Leaf

The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in south Indian and sre Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves and especially in curries with fish or coconut milk.


This plant is good for the brain. Bacopa monnieri is the scientific name of the plant. It has been named Saravati in Sankrit because of its relation to the brain.

Bird”s eye Chilli

Bird”s eye chilli , or thai chilli is a chilli pepper, a cultivar from the species Capsicum annum, commonly found in Southeast Asia. Bird’s eye chilli can also be found in India, in Meghalaya, Assam and Kerala. It is used intraditional dishes of the Kerala cusine.

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Kallar Spices,

Organic spices & Herbal Garden

Kallar- Munnar , Idukki dist.,Kerala India



Near Mankulam Junction


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