Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar

Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar

Welcomes to Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar……. – the temple of Kerala tradition to experience the masters

Book kadhakali and kalaripayattu shows at Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar online. and avail 50% offers on booking them online. Kalari kshetra is located at chithirapuram.Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar


Kalarippayattu is the traditional martial art form of Kerala which originated around 3000 years ago.  It is the oldest known combat style and is known to be the ‘Mother of martial arts’.Being a quintessential part of ancient Keralalites healthy lifestyle, this martial art form perfectly embodies beauty, strength and agility.

Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar

 The whole course of kalarippayattu can be categorized under 4 sections:-

  1. Mey Payattu (Physical training)
  2. Vadi Payattu (stick combat)
  3. Ayudha payattu (weapon combat)
  4. Adi thada (hand combat)

Most of the martial art forms popular around the globe today, including karatte, kung – fu and judo, has been derived from 4th category adi thada.  This can be credited to the ancient prince of Kaanjeepura Bodhidharman, who trained the shaolin priests of ancient China in the Superior fighting form.  Kalarippayattu has the ability to influence the practitioner spirituality.


Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar

Kathakali is known to be the most eminent among India’s classical art forms.  The history of this vibrant dance form can be traced back to the 17th century. Kathakali was originated in Kerala. The first form of Kathakali was Ramanattam, which was created by the Raja of Kottarakkara, a princely state in ancient Kerala.  This art form is rich with lively acting colourful costumes, soulful music and percussion. The show mainly features episodes from the ancient epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha.



Chithirapuram South, Munnar, Kerala


mail : kalakshethra.com, web : kalarikshethra.com

Tel.: 04865 263934, Mob 9497005888

entrance fee Rs.200 (Non refundable)

Children below 5 years are not chargeable and above five years are same as adults

Kalari Kshethra martial arts munnar

We arrange special shows and training classes

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