Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar

Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar invites the visitors for a perfect garden visit.

Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar is situated at Korandikkadu in the Munnar – Mattuppetty route.  The distance from Munnar is just 8 Kms which is a paradise for nature lovers. Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar aims at preserving natural and environmental beauty. The place is a must on your Munnar itinerary if you are a nature enthusiast.Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar

The Botanical Garden is a vast expanse of lush green garden packed with a plethora of most exclusive plants in the country. The garden perfectly epitomises Mother Nature in its worst form with the serene surroundings and rare species of plants and flowers.Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar  Varieties of medicinal plants and vast fruit section are some other plants the garden boasts of. The Botanical Garden is a perfect place to visit with family and friends for a short outing, jogging and photography.

This Botanical Garden is sprawled across a vast area  accommodating the most exquisite varieties of flora. Apart from having different sections for medicinal plants, rare plants(Pista fruit), extinct plants, the garden also houses a section of fruit plants and trees.Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar

Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar is a museum of living plants that attracts photographers, gardeners, botanists, scientists, and nature lovers from around the world. Our bouquets are absolutely stunning! Packed and shipped the same day the’re cut, our tropical flowers will arrive freshly boxed and ready to arrange. Your satisfaction with Garden Flowers is 100% guaranteed.

Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar

Ayurvedic medicinal plants

Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar concentrated in ayurvedic medicinal plants also.  About 80% of the world’s population relies solely or largely on traditional remedies for their healthcare needs. Today, about 70,000 to 80,000 plant species are used for medicinal or aromatic purposes globally.India with its ecological,geographical and climatic diversities is perhaps the richest nation with a vast herbal medicinal wealth(About 15000-20000 plants have good medicinal value). In india the therapeutic use of herbs dates back to the vedic period. The Rigveda has documented about 67 medicinal plants, Yajurveda 81 species and Atharvaveda 290 species.Carmelgiri Botanical Garden Munnar

The ayurvedic classics also described the clinical uses of thousands of medicinal plants. With the increasing esteem of herbal medicine and ayurveda, use of medicinal plants is expected to rise globally. The popularity of herbs have increased because of side effects of synthetic drugs, development of resistance to many drugs like antibiotics, public awareness, population explosion, insufficient supply of drugs, high cost of synthetic drugs.

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