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About Anna Homestay Munnar,Anachal /Tranquil Valley Resort, Munnar


Anna Homestay Munnar,Anachal is stuated Anachal. Anachal, might be a weird name for a non Keralite, but for us Keralites this name sounds very strong.Anna Homestay Munnar,Anachal Primely , because “Ana” (the first half of the name Anachal) is the name of the Strongest Mammal on Land; Elephant (“Ana” in Malayalam, Kerala’s Traditional Language) and the Second Half “Chal” means Pathway. Thus Anachal means “The Pathway of the Elephants”.

Anna Homestay Munnar, Anachal – The Pathway of the Elephants

So here’s the story:

The whole region of Anachal and kilometres of its Surroundings including Munnar were forests of the long ago, until man started cultivating in these lands. The Elephants which were present in large numbers in these hilly forests could not easily maneuver down the Hillsides. (Google that, for elephants walking down hill is as we humans scale walls, really problematic!) . Anna Homestay Munnar,AnachalSo the Grandpa Elephant in all his wisdom and experience of the Forests there at, marked a new route to reach down the valleys where easy food was in plenty. This Route or Passage on which the elephants frequented to and fro, yes, down for munching and up for napping, came to become prominent as a Passage through the hilly terrain and later a Roadway. This Area where the elephants marched out the Pathway for us humans, came to be known as Anachal. The Forests still surround Anachal The Elephants are still in Plenty No, they don’t frequent the route Located two hundred metres from the sleepy town of Anachal, and seven kilometres from the picturesque and enchanting town of Munnar.Anna Homestay Munnar,Anachal adorns the beautiful landscape as a bright gem would a necklace, welcoming you with a Captivating Garden and the serene calm of the atmosphere.


24hrs Hot Water
Car Parking
Open Terrace
On Call Taxi Available
On Call Emergency Unit Available
Full Time Security

Deluxe Room

Anna Homestay Munnar,Anachal is a wonderful serenity has taken possession of your entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which you enjoy with your whole alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.
  • Double coat
  • Attached bathroom
  • Its spacious
  • Large hall

Super Deluxe Room

Glass walled on three sides giving the Canvas to Mother Nature,
  • Room with double cot
  • Large hall
  • Its spacious
  • Attached bathroom


*  All Guests must take care not to litter the premises & surroundings of the Anna Homestay
*  Breakage or Damage to any goods or utilities will be charged to the Guest responsible for the actions, at       Market price rate of the goods.
*  Extra Person in a room for each day would cost 500/- INR.
*  All meals other than the Complimentary Breakfast will have to be ordered by the guests in advance.
*  Booking will be Confirmed by Call upon depositing the rate of the rooms booked for how many ever days  in the Anna Homestay Bank Account.
* Children above Four years of Age will be Charged
*  Check in Time is preferably at 12 p.m. noon as the check out time is 12 p.m noon everyday.
*  Cancellation of bookings must be done within 48 hrs of Booking and call confirmation. After 48 hrs  of booking the paid amount becomes non-refundable.
*  Full Payment is to be made for all bookings.For bookings please contact to this number 9447129185 ,  8129980088
*  Account Number is 11800100142348 .IFSC code : FDRL0001180. Account Holder : Telna Pappachan .       Branch Name :Federal Bank Kunchithanny
*  Access to Kitchen Utilities costs 1000/- INR per day with extra charge of 250/- for a maid/help


Anna Homestay Munnar, Anachal/ Tranquil Valley Resort, Munnar

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