Punarjani Munnar

tripPunarjani Munnar – the traditional village–Trip Advisor ranked No.1 theatre in Munnar !!!


Punarjani Munnar,Munnar – Amidst the picturesque Western Ghats, where nature itself would guide you to the world of tranquility, and offer you a mesmerizing view of countless mountains, tea plantations, spread across the horizon. Beyond the natural beauty, Munnar is filled with lot of entertainments, thrilling adventures and cultural arts which make the visit worthwhile and memorable. In Punarjani Munnar, you will begin to feel a spontaneous and inseparable oneness with the elements of nature which evokes a spirituality that you may not have experienced ever.
Punarjani Munnar

Punarjani Munnar – The number 1 theatre in Munnar welcomes all of you to our traditional village to experience the rich and varied traditions cultural heritage of Kerala, God’s own country.  “Punarjani” means rebirth. Here we aim at a rejuvenation of our traditions.Punarjani Munnar is situated in the most beautiful part of Munnar – a place blessed with a natural beauty, a peaceful atmosphere and refreshing climate.  Our mission is to nurture our traditions and cultural heritage and introduce it to the world. Punarjani Munnar have arranged to different theatres in our village for (1) Kalarippayattu – the traditional martial art of Kerala and (2) Kathakali – the world famous highly stylized classical dance drama form.  Your visit to our theatres will definitely present you so memorable and joyful moments in your life.

Punarjani MunnarThis is a world famous highly stylized Indian Classical Dance Drama renowned as the king of all performing arts – performed in a Koothambalam (art performance temple) by skilled artists. The artists has to undergo several years of hard core training. This art is a skilful combination of literature (mainly based on the epics of India) music (vocal & instrumental), charming costumes, elaborate facial makeup (Chutti), acting & dancing. Each character’s mental quality can be understood by his/her costumes and facial makeup. We have arranged daily shows in our theatre. We have also arranged facilities for you to observe the Kathakali artists done their makeup.Punarjani Munnar
 is the world famous, ancient, traditional Martial Art form of Kerala renowned as the mother of all “martial arts”. It has a long tradition and later many techniques of this art were adapted into martial arts like karate, kung-fu, judo etc. As in Kathakali, here also the practitioners of this martial art from need to undergo several years of rigorous practice, and building up of courage, fitness of mind and body. This art is performed in a “Kuzhikkalari” (earthern carving). Our performance include body control exercises, fight with metallic weapons like sword, shield, spear, dagger, belt sword, long stick, short stick, bare hand fights etc. Punarjani Munnar
All of this will be an invigorating experience for you. You can witness some breathtaking moments and be mesmerized by the thrilling spell and charm of this traditional martial art form in our Kalari.

Punarjani MunnarAYURVEDA

Punarjani Ayurvedics Munnar Welcomes you  to enjoy  5000 years old body and mind relaxation  and rejuvenation technique, Ayurveda.  It is the science of life more than that it is a life style. Punarjani Ayurvedics provides an integrated system of Kalari, Marma, Yoga and Ayurveda.  This includes the treatment and training to rejuvenate our body, mind and soul.  We provide effective treatment for various health problems and ailments for body and mind.


Punarjani Munnar

We provide short term and long term basic and advance level residential training programmes in :

  1. Kalarippayattu (Traditional martial art)
  2. Kathakali (Theatre, vocal music, instrumental music and facial make up)
  3. Yoga
  4. Ayurveda
  5. Swasti – healthy lifestyle living camp.

We arrange special shows on demand and also arrange International Cultural Tour Programmes and Trainings.

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Punarjani Munnar

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