Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar

Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens

Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar – Where nature does Romance !!!

Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar inviting all for a perfect spice garden visit in Munnar. Beyond the natuaral beauty, Munnar is famous in case of availability of almost all spices in Kerala. Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar

Herbs and spices are used to naturally enhance the flavours of everyday dishes we love, but when it comes to knowing which spice or herb to use, you don’t need to be a chef to make the right decision.

Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar offer services as exporters of Botanical & Medicinal Herbs and Spices, raw materials and other natural products. Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar specialize in procuring, processing and grading of Herbs, Spices, and also in Dried Flower to match stringent International standards.Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar

Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar, formed with the singular aim of achieving excellence in this vast field. Since then we have grown manifolds establishing ourselves as a specialist outlet for meeting the requirements of Herbs, Herbal Extracts, Botanical and Medicinal Herbs, Dried Flowers, Spices and Dry Fruits. Our knowledge and expertise has been handed over to us by  generations in our family and has given us a strong footing for continuous growth in this specialized field of operation.Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar

We market spices, spice blends, seasoning, preparations with flavour-giving ingredients. The raw materials are obtained from organic farms, which ensure:

  • No chemical, synthetic plant protection agents
  • No mineral-based nitrogen fertilizers
  • No genetic modification

In the organic segment, new products generally are developed to meet specific customer requirements. Contact us directly if you have any questions about organic products.Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar

As a matter of principle, Bharat Spices Ayurvedic Gardens Munnar  generally does not use any genetically modified, ETO-treated or irradiated goods.

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