Uduppi Inn Adimali

Uduppi Inn Adimali

Uduppi Inn Adimali, recently opened (February 26, 2016) vegetarian restaurant which is a health focussed restaurant invites folks to indulge in vegetarian eats with South Indian flavour and flair.  Uduppi  Inn situated in V.T.Building, opposite of Federal Bank Limited Adimali.


The Indian Cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, regions and its climate. Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes and subtle variations to popular dishes. Aromatic Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. This is the unique formula, we, at Uduppi Inn vegetarian restaurants follow, to build a number of satisfied customers within a short span of working. Our restaurant carries the legacy of good taste and quality. The trust that the customers have placed in us has been a motivating factor in exploring new destinations.


We ensure our customers are our strength and make them feel at home when they are with us. An outlet to be great with friends or all by yourself. You can eat in, take it to go, or have it catered right to you. The feeling is friendly and the food is fabulous. Whenever you need it, it’s your own unique world to eat out.

inviting you for a different dine experience

Uduppi Inn,

Opp.Federal bank,

N.H.Road, Adimali

Ph. 04864222256, 9447001017

e.mail : raymonvt@gmail.com

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