Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar

Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar

 Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar:The place offers a vast variety of experiences for travelers.

Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar cradled in the arms of the hills of Munnar near Anamudi peak is literally a buffet for ones senses.Sun moon valley boating  center is a beautiful boating center located 12 kms away from Munnar.Mattupetty dam is the first to come in the top station road. The dam has water in all seasons, there are speed boat services offered in the dam and adjoining rivers by Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar.

 Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar is one of the must visit places in a Munnar trip.


The KERALA HYDEL TOURISM CENTRE is a society constituted as per the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act (Act XII of 1955) on 01/12/1999. The Hon’ble Minister for Electricity is the Chairman of the society. In God’s own country’; the Western Ghats, copious monsoons and river lines together haven facilitated a civilization where the omniscient gurgle of water defines nature, living, sustenance, ethos, history and culture. For its enviable advances in modernity too, this land that is distinguished as the most educated, liberal and secular society in the country, has harnessed the power of its water resources- About 30 Hydel power stations in Kerala together actualize a total installed capacity of 2500 MW; and also offer themselves as testimonies of the continuing endeavor to engineer sustainable energy for an advancing society.

Nestled inside the hills of Munnar and very near to the Anamudi peak lies Mattupetty, the hill station at a height of 1,700 m. Mattupetty is located 13 km away from Munnar. Here you can enjoy the greenish valleys and feel the fabulous climate around. The main attraction of Mattupetty is the dam and the lake here.

The dam of Mattupetty is a storage concrete gravity dam. The dam was constructed under the Pallivasal Hydro-electric project in the late 1940s, for the purpose of water conservation and power generation. Now the dam is a vital source of electricity generation in Munnar and also a haven for many wild animals and birds due to its constant water availability.

The most attractive part of Mattupetty dam is its still water which reflects the tea garden around. You can engage yourself with water sport activities like speed boating organized by district Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki (Munnar) and enjoy the pretty natural surroundings of this beautiful dam. Adventure lovers also have options here like trekking in the Shola forest.

In the midst of the hills, surrounded by the tea gardens, Shola forest and hilly woods lays a beautiful lake, just a few miles away from the Mattupetty dam. The serene ambience of the lake will take you to a world of peace. You have endless options – either you can go for boating in the lake or you can sit on the shore enjoying the tranquility here. Tourists can go for a speed boat, pedal boat, motor boat or row boat.

Mattupetty is also known as ‘cattle village’, the name which came from the famous Indo Swiss farm project or Livestock project. The project was launched in the year 1963 as part of the bilateral agreement between India and the Swiss government. You can see hundreds of varieties of high yielding cattle in this farm. The sight of the cattle grazing freely on the hills of the wide farm is a unique experience which any tourist can have ever in his life.

The farm is around three kilometer away from the Mattupetty Dam and is dedicated to cattle development and research centre set up by the Government of Switzerland. At present the project is handled by the Kerala Livestock Development and Milk Marketing Board.

The best time to visit Mattupetty is from the month of August to May and it is very easily accessible from Munnar town.t is the dam of Mattupetty that attracts hordes of visitors to this hill station year after year.


Entertainments:Sun moon Valley Boating Munnar

The Boating facilities are provided in association with DTPC, Idukki, from 9.00 am to 5.00pm.

Bigger 24 seater slow pontoon boat

Life Jackets are provided and have been made compulsory for boating

Book boating

Boats Available On Sun Moon Valley-Mattupetty


Boat Capacity : 5
Price : 600 INR / Boat
Boat Capacity : 20
Price : 1400 INR / Person

Sun moon Valley Boating Munnarto reach us

State-run or private buses, plying from various towns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, are the best way to get to sun moon valley by road. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation provides bus services to Munnar from all major cities in Kerala.

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