Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly

Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly

Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly -successful service history of 29 years.

Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly located at Library Road, Adimali is oneParadise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly of the most prominent beauty parlours in Idukki District.  It boasts of having some of the most experienced and professionally qualified beauticians in Kerala. We have a successful service history of 29 years.

Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly-most hygienic beauty parlour

This airy, spacious and spotlessly clean parlour, set amidst elegant surroundings offers instant beauty treatments and makeovers for women for each and every occasion.Face is what, gives us an identification and to boost our self-confidence we must pamper it in the best way possible. This is the perfect place to visit for every type of beauty therapy and advance treatment for the face, hair and body.Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly

This is  one of the most hygienic beauty parlour  having experienced Beauticians. Their vast knowledge in Beauty Therapy had successfully treated a large number of clients and has become a trusted name to the customers.Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly The number of experienced Beauticians working for us is all helping hand in growing our organization rapidly.This beauty Parlour, we believe in beauty with a conscience. We have created a salon that offers the highest quality hair services in a setting that is healthier for the environment, our guests and our staff.Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly We are committed to providing healthy hair care with a low impact on the environment. Come see what you and your hair can do for the Earth.Our hair are an important part of our beauty and to pamper them is our duty. so to recover them from exposure to continuous pollution, sunlight or other environmental effects we give you one solution “Natural herbal heena” which helps nourishing,

From cost-effective, recyclable packaging to naturally harvested ingredients,Paradise Beauty Parlour Munnar,Adimaly we are proud to provide our guests with the most health-conscious choices in professional hair care products.

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Paradise Beauty Parlour, Library Road,

Near Nalanda School of Arts, Adimali.


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