Muniyara Dolmens

Muniyara Dolmens

Muniyara Dolmenshistorical importane – ancient saint were lived here, buried inside rock caves

Muniyara Dolmens lesser known prehistoric site situated at Marayoor. It does not resemble a tourist spot , but a calm and quiet place next to sugarcane plantation and jaggery extraction unit. Absolutely limited parking and no facilities for tourists.

Consists of a lot of capstones dotted here and there and a great view of the entire valley. Be there and be mesmerized with nature and wonder how these capstones were built.

Muniyara Dolmens-sneak peaking view

Muniyara Dolmens are actually the burial chambers made of four stones placed on edges and covered by a large stone slab, also known as ‘cap stone’ from the top. Several sharp edge stones are used in these to cover the burial from all the sides. These burials often contain more than one chamber to rest the bodies of multiple persons at one place. These prehistoric structures are bound to fascinate every visitor, who wants to peep into the century-old history.Muniyara Dolmens was a quiet place and had spiritual vibrations. Enjoyed the nature and the pristine air quality It appears to be an ancient burial site. some say these are remnants of a civilization 300BC and some put it at 3000BC.

Ideally, there are two kinds of Muniyaras–primary and secondary. The primary ones were used for placing the corpses in them, while in the secondary burials, earthen pots having ashes and charred bones after cremation were placed. All of these structures are made out of heavy granite slabs that were mined using primitive technology.


Well, Dolmens are not the only thing that one can see here; the place is equally famous for its exquisite beauty, natural sandalwood forests, and pre-historic paintings. Muniyara is a beautiful spot that lies on the slopes of the Western Ghats in Idukki district. People visit this place to explore its beautiful surroundings and refreshing atmosphere, masked in the glory of tea plantation, lush green valleys, and more. simply Brilliant nature beauty with amazing sceneres .best spot for nature lovers. breathtaking view of surrounded mountains is a great experience.As hell yet you get a sandal smell if you get inside one.

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