Madathi Spices Anaviraty Munnar

Madathi Spices, Anaviratty

Madathi Spices Anaviraty Munnar

Madathi Spices Anaviraty Munnar  by the side of NH 49.  We provides all major spices at a reasonable rate.So buying spices from there will save your pockets

The fascinating beauty of Munnar was realised since the colonial days. The dangerous flood during 1924 washed off Munnar including the Kundala Valley Railway – the first mono rail system in India. But with its amazing beauty, Munnar reborn like a phoenix bird and become the natures wonder which attracts the world. Munnar, once known as the tea production centre of Kerala, it was the initiatives of KeralaTourism Department which brought the panorama of this place to the world and cashed the tourism industry boom. As a result, the basic infrastructures also started developing. Just a travel of 4 hours from Kochi even in public transport can fetch here at a very low cost. Transport access is also from Tamil Nadu.

The main attraction of Munnar is the confluence of all the factors a leisure-timer needs, ie. pollution-free cool atmosphere, greeneries, trekking, watching wildlife, peaceful but low cost shelter and budget shopping for spices.

A variety of cereals, pulses, minor millets, spices, flours, , fresh and dried herbs are among 374 organic products to be sold at Madathi Spices Anaviraty Munnar .During our visit to Munnar  you visited some of the shops in the Munnar. It is a section of  Anaviraty town that is small shop. Kerala  saris, Ayurveda sopes and spices are just a small sampling of the variety.  The spice store that fascinated you was the Kerala Masala Shop. As you can see from the shop , it had abundant supplies of fresh spices, nuts, lentils, and teas.

INDIA MUNNAR KERALA Madathi Spices Anaviraty Munnar  colorful shops selling snacks chips spices tea baked good drinks  and magazines iN Munnar


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