Honey Dew Anaviratty Munnar

Honey Dew Anaviratty

Honey Dew Anaviratty  Munnar- by the side of NH 49 at Anaviratty

Honey Dew Anaviratty  Munnar  welcomes to the visitors for shopping and refreshment. Its a point for take a break, situated  by the side of NH 49 at Anaviratty and distance to Munnar is 23 KM.Munnar is the best place to buy spices. They have spice plantations for cloves, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cinnamon or cardamom and turmuric. So buying spices from there will save your pocket. Munnar is the best place to buy tea.

Spices and Seasonongs are available for  shopping. Shop spices like jeera, black pepper and red chillies spices at a best rate … Masalas & Spices.

Honey Dew Anaviratty  Munnar  mission is to offer high-quality herbs, spices, and seasonings at a fair price in customer-friendly quantities

In some locations,Honey Dew Anaviratty  Munnar  is excreted in such large amounts that a buildup of the dried material can form into cakes under the tree. This is believed to be the same as the “manna from heaven” mentioned in biblical times. Admittedly it is more appetizing to think of it as a gift from above rather than insect excrement. Some psyllids, notably the red gum lerp psyllid, produce a white coating of evaporated honeydew which forms a crystalized shell protecting the insect.

visitors can buy directly from the factory outlet in almost all variety are available and quality is good. Cardamom flavored Tea avilable here. you may check some of their outlets for handicrafts , Have you seen the absolutely stunning Kerala-style mural art? It is also available as paintings,Nettipattam,, Kathakali show piece, Nettoor petti,Handloom products like Kasavu sari, Uruli (wok), Para(brass miniature of a traditional measuring vessel), Kettuvallom (rice barge), Chundan Vallom (snake boat),Unique crafts and Khataisons.


Our facilities

  • Spices
  • Factory fresh Tea Powder
  • Restaurant
  • Snacks
  • Fruit juice
  • Ice creams
  • Parking
  • Toilet
  • Home stay

and many more


Our address:-

Honey Dew,

NH 49, Anaviratty


Ph.+91 9447053487

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