Cure Monastery

Cure Monastery Marayoor

Cure Monastery

Situated on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, approximately 147 Kilometers (92 Miles) from Kochi international airport, at an altitude of 1000meters (3280feet) is a monastery remote to busy city life, where Carmelite monks are leading a contemplative life in undisturbed natural surroundings, set on a magnificent landscape. With an annual average temperature of 25 C (77 F) the climate is mostly pleasant and more tolerable than the hot and humid coastal region those are bustling with tourists from various parts of the world and with numerous commercial Ayurvedic centers.

Ayurveda in Mountain Village

In this decorated monastery the Carmelite administration realized a project – a dream coming true to anybody with a true affinity to Ayurveda in a natural ambience. The Ayurvedic center was set up housing competent and experienced Ayurvedic doctor and therapists. 12 neatly furnished rooms are available to accommodate patients with a simple, yet basic western standard. Not only the treatment itself is supposed to take its effect, but the location’s magic setting with its natural beauty, peaceful environment and organic food served during the duration of therapy. The food aids healing mostly because it’s healthy, being collected from local organic fields and markets and then prepared in essential Ayurveda guidelines.
Supporting the therapies will be simple yogic practices, minimal degree of spiritual as well as mental guidance at your disposal.

A place to get in touch with yourself

Visitors at this centre get a unique opportunity to learn and practice the core of Ayurveda, to get in touch with your true ‘self’ and your inner feelings without much external distraction. Always it is focused to support in making basic and effective life style and thought pattern changes through a process of unlearning and then experiencing one’s true nature and oneness with nature.

Take the opportunity to re-organize your life style in order to make surprising deeper inner energy changes and to not only think and feel about changes in superficial symptoms of disease or fatigue.
One can achieve all these – sure, when making a heartfelt movement – with dedication and effort, guided in the right direction during the period of stay at the centre.

Vision and Offer

In this location, exempt climatic changes, overpopulation and industrialization we were able to realize with a vision for humanity that was only possible in approximation with established Ayurveda clinics – quality herbal medicine, privacy, ample space, affordable prices and a perfect location to “heal” oneself.

But we do not only want to practice Ayurveda, but spread and let grow the awareness of the science through possible ways. The centre is open to doctors, therapists and trainers who want to hold their own seminars (any time on request and availability of space) and want to accommodate their own clients.

Cure -Monastery project supports social work

It is a chance for Carmelites and their monasteries to continue with social projects in villages and among ‘Tribals’ (people of tribal cultures without any civil attachments to the main stream public).

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