Anayirangal Dam

Anayirangal Dam……

Anayirangal Dam

Anayirangal Dam Near the town of Munnar is Chinnakanal and the waterfalls here, popularly known as Power House Waterfalls, cascade down a steep rock 2000 m above sea level.The name anayirankal —anay means elephant-irangal means -comimg down, in general terms.That means “”elephants coming down place””.The name has come like that because elephants come down in to that spot,lake, from the forests adjoining the lake.

Chinnakanal – Anayirangal area is enriched with so many attractions.  The journey through the beautiful tea gardens at Lokhart estate and the rock roads at Gap gives immense pleasure to your eyes..There are tea estates on either side of the road,one side beautiful valley with tea estates in different levels and the other side is hill with tea estates.There  you have to go through nice thick forest on both sides of the road.You see trees with huge trunks on both sides of the road.  Chinnakanal waterfall, popularly known as Power House Water fall is dazzling.  Anayirangal dam and reservoir is about 32 KM away from Munnar.  The reservoir and its picturesque surroundings be a magnet for the whole who visits and feels thrilling.  Recently boating facility has added in anayirangal reservoir.  Anayirangal area is ideal to see wild elephants and breathtaking exquisiteness.  Number of luxury hotels and home stays are available to provide relax and shelter to the visitors.The Anayirangal dam, 22 kms away from Munnar (closer to Chinnakkanal), is surrounded by Tata Tea plantations, coffee, Tea and cardamom plantations in the evergreen forests.There is an elephant safari on the way riding on elephants.The place has a tea estate facing and a reservoir which is vast.

State-run or private buses, plying from various towns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, are the best way to get to Anayirangal dam by road. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation provides bus services to Munnar from all major cities in Kerala.

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