Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar , recently opened a shop in Munnar with a range of outstanding fragrances for men and women. Ahmed Perfumes established in 1957, having a large number of satisfied customers and our Head Office is at Kollam. We have introduced variety of items which is a gorgeous addition to the brand’s range of fashion and beauty product.

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar Offers:

Agar ooudh

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Agarwood, also known as oud, oodh or agar, is a dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria and Gyrinops[1] trees (large evergreens native to southeast Asia) when they become infected with a type of mould. Prior to infection, the heartwood is odourless, relatively light and pale coloured; however, as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin in response to the attack, which results in a very dense, dark, resin embedded heartwood. The resin embedded wood is commonly called gaharu, jinko, aloeswood, agarwood, or oud (not to be confused with bukhoor) and is valued in many cultures for its distinctive fragrance, and thus is used for incense and perfumes.

Indian atters (Non alcoholic perfumes)

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar dealing variety of Non Alcoholic Perfumes, that are highly demanded for their unique fragrances.  Developed under strict quality control, our range is derived from the natural flowers, leaves, roots, etc.

Dehnal ooudh

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Unique dehnal oudh fragrances of the highest quality. Ahmed Perfumes Munnar has a large collection of Oudh. These oudhs are great as a gift to someone who loves oudh or for personal use. Not everyone likes the Agarwood fragrance as it is usually an acquired taste, so make certain before gifting them. Some people will initially hate the fragrance but after a short while they will become besotted with the aroma, this is another unique aspect of oud perfume oils. These oils are great value for money as most of them come packaged in beautiful bottles.

Spray perfumes

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Ancient texts and archaeological excavations show the use of perfumes in some of the earliest human civilizations. Modern perfumery began in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds such as vanillin or coumarin, which allowed for the composition of perfumes with smells previously unattainable solely from natural aromatics alone.

Vetiver (Khus) handicrafts & Chappals

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Vetiver is a grass and it’s name is derived from Tamil name “Vettiver”. Vettiver is native to India and both it’s leaves and roots have wonderful uses. It’s roots are mainly used in home remedies. The roots of vetiver is very effective in preventing soil erosion. Vetiver essential oil also has wonderful benefits for treating ADHD, acne, depression, arthritis, stress, in making perfumes, etc. Vetiver essential oil is also good for insomnia. A few drops of this essential oil rubbed on the feet calms the mind and brings in sleep for people who suffer from insomnia.

Crystal gift articles & bottles

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Crystal is broadly demanded as gift item and appreciated by people of all age groups. Be it any occasion big or small, these gift items can easily make these moments more memorable. Some of the popular gifts items made of Crystal are laser engraved images, Clocks and Watches, Bowls, Vases, Dinner or Wine Serving Sets, Desktop or Table Top Decoration Items, Decanters, Tankards and the likes

Unani products (Kajal,Suruma…)

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Yunani or Unani medicine (Urdu: طب یونانی tibb yūnānī[1]) is the term for Perso-Arabic traditional medicine as practiced in Mughal India and in Muslim culture in South Asia and modern day Central Asia.  According to Unani medicine, management of any disease depends upon the diagnosis of disease. In the diagnosis, clinical features, i.e., signs, symptoms, laboratory features and mizaj (temperament) are important.

Hukka & flavours

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

There are certain hookah flavors that seem to be universal in their popularity. No matter where you are smoking, or who you are smoking with, they always seem to come up. That got us to thinking – What are the most popular shisha tobacco flavors of all time? Well luckily for us we happen to know a thing or two about the subject.

Kashmiri pashmina shawls

Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir.[1][2] The name comes from Persian: پشمینه‎‎ /pašmina, meaning “made from wool”[2] and literally translates to “Soft Gold” in Kashmiri.[3] The wool comes from four distinct breeds of the Cashmere goat; namely the Changthangi or Kashmir Pashmina goat from the Changthang plateau in Kashmir region, the Malra from Kargil area in Kashmir region, the Chegu from Himachal Pradesh in northern India, and Chyangara or Nepalese Pashmina goat from Nepal. Pashmina shawls are hand spun, and woven in Kashmir and Nepal, and made from fine cashmere fibre.

Imported wooden flowerpots & Gift articles

Our quality wood craft parts and wood turnings are available for immediate delivery. Ahmed Perfumes offer hundreds of cutout shapes, wood star cutouts, wood toy wheels,wooden circle and wood discs, oak spindles and finials,wood honey dippers, wooden rings, rolling pins, wooden scoops, flower pots, craft wood eggs and more. Ahmed Perfumes continually adding new products, so be sure to check back for the latest additions.


Ahmed Perfumes Munnar

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